Feels like winter

It’s December 1st, which means several things – 5 days until Hanukkah, 20 days until Miriam turns 4, 24 days until Christmas, and the first day of Holidailies, a community writing project where a bunch of writers commit to the attempt to post every day from today until January 1, 2016.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve actually completed the challenge, but this year is going to be different. In the last few months I’m finally starting to feel like things are coming together.

A brief introduction for those who don’t ‘know’ me – and an update for people who do.

I’m 39, going to be 40 in February.  (Dad teased me about this on my last birthday “How does it feel to be one year away from 40?”  I said, “How does it feel to be the parent of someone one year away from 40?”  He laughed.  For all of our issues, we do share a sense of humor).  I’m a hippie, slightly crunchy mama to two kidlets – Tai (almost 8) and Miriam (almost 4).  Having kids was the best, hardest, most insane thing I’ve ever done.  And it made me start to grow up, finally.

After being with Tom for twenty years, married for nine years, we separated in April of last year.  It had been a long time coming; neither of us could fix what was wrong.  Then I came out as lesbian.  It gave us the push we needed, and even though it’s been a rough ride, I believe we are better for it.  He’s met someone, and they are creating their own family.  She’s good people, and has two kids of her own.  Fortunately they get along really well with Tai and Miriam.

I’m working again, after 8 years as a stay-at-home mom.  I’m Parish Administrator of a small Episcopal church, and I am also working with a freelance grant-writer, Barbara, assisting her and learning the trade.  Using my brain on a daily basis, for things other than worrying, makes for a happy.  I’m in the third draft of my novel – but I’m stalled at the moment.

Along with the kiddos, I’ve also got a Corgi/Sheltie mix (Foxy), two cats (Pip and Paws), and I’m seeing whether I can make a new dog (Sweet Potato) get along with the cats.  I’m well on my way to having a menagerie.

For the first time in more than a year, I feel like things are coming together for me.  I’m on the edge of something good.  Work is good, kids are (usually) good… maybe I’ll meet someone.  I think I’m ready for a new relationship.

I’m ready for some holiday spirit, too.  Decorating this weekend.  Gotta hold to the light in the darkness.


At the beach in April Here’s me and the kidlets having fun at the beach in April.



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