That Time of Year

It’s not yet midnight, so it’s still December 1st, at least in California – the first day of Holidailies, a community of online journallers who solemnly swear we’ll update daily from today until January 1st. I’ve participated in this challenge since the beginning – lo those many years ago before Tumblr, before Live Journal, before it was called ‘blogging’.  But it’s been quite a while since I actually completed the challenge.  (And I recently discovered that I lost a bunch of old posts, as I’d let my webhosting account expire without realizing.)  New year, new leaf – a month early.

Maybe writing every day will get me back in the habit.  Maybe it will slow things down – because this year has flown by.  Miriam is going to be five in just 20 days.  Tai is going to be nine in February.  And somehow we are almost through 2016 when it seems like just yesterday that I was making New Year’s resolutions and getting excited to see Tim Minchin on the day before I turn 40.

Maybe writing every day will get things more clear in my head, and in my heart, because I’ve been in a dark space lately and I’m counting the days until the Solstice, when the darkness begins to retreat and the light returns.

img_9945 Because there are very few pictures of me and the kiddos (usually I’m the one behind the camera.  Or, technically, behind my phone) here’s one from months ago – at the Little League Night at a Giants game.