Holidailies, again

I’ve been participating in holidailies for ?? some large number of years. (Brief summary for those who don’t know – holidailies is a group of old-school online journalers who commit to updating every day for a month, usually Dec 1 – Jan 1.)  For the last several years I’ve signed up, but only written an entry or two.  Fortunately, and unexpectedly, this year I’m feeling less like I’m drowning in depression and anxiety so I’m giving it a go again.

Today’s will be short, though.  I’m just back from a whirlwind trip with Lisa, down to LA to see Tim Minchin. We managed to fly in, visit Disneyland, eat a late lunch, see the show, go out to a late dinner, get up and get breakfast and back to the airport and home, all in just over 24 hours.  Then I had to catch up on some work, pick up the kiddos and have an evening together and now I’m sleepy.

It was a great trip.  I’d never been to Disney when it was decorated for Christmas – it was beautiful.  So many lights.  The castle was amazing – all of the icicle lights made me think of Elsa’s ice palace.  And needless to say, Tim was awesome. He’s doing some new songs, more music, less comedy.  He played several of my older favorites (“White Wine in the Sun”, “Drowned”, and “Seeing You”) as well as two new ones that I have fallen in love with, after hearing them only once, when Lisa and I saw him here in San Francisco last month.  All the feels with those songs.  I don’t know how he does it, have both funny and deeply touching in one song.

I’ll do a catch-up post soon.  Until then – have a photo of me, with my nephew Sam (who is 4 and absolutely adorable).

Me and Sam

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