Mixed Bag

Thursdays are the busiest days at the church.  On Thursdays I put together the final drafts of the bulletins (which are the order of the service, the readings, the hymns, etc) and print them out – almost two hundred booklets.  I was cruising along this morning when I hit a snag.  For some reason, half of the bulletins would not print correctly.  First they had their first page (like the front cover of the booklet) upside down, while the rest of the pages were fine.  Then, they printed fine, but were bound on the right side rather than the left.  Why?  No idea.  I used the same templates as last week.  I didn’t change any settings on the documents or the printer.  I spent hours trying everything I could to figure it out – with no luck.  So I have to go back tomorrow and either get the printing done out-of-house and spend a couple of hours folding, or hang out while 100 bulletins print with the wrong side open.

To make this more fun – I am supposed to report to the Hall of Justice (maybe I’ll meet some superheros?) for Jury Duty at 8:45am.  I can barely get Tai to school by 8:45.  I have no idea how I’m going to get both kids dropped off, drive downtown, park and get into the Hall of Justice on time.  At least it’s criminal court – if I do get stuck on a jury, maybe it’ll be an interesting case.

Fortunately there were some good things today, too.  I decided to keep Sweet Potato.  She still wants to chase the cats, but I’m going to figure that out.  Other than that, she’s perfect for us.  She’s got more energy than Foxy (and she’s at least four years older than Foxy), she likes to play fetch (which makes the kids so happy), and she’s funny and loving and happy.  She’s even getting comfortable hanging out with Foxy and me at the church.  (Poor beastie – on Monday she spent most of the time sniffing around the room – then just standing there, rather than stretching out and relaxing.)

Tai has his therapy appointment on Thursdays, so I pick him up right as school ends and we spend the afternoon together.  I drive him across town, which is a nice time to chat together.  (And make fart jokes, of course.) I’ve also started taking a Zendoodle coloring book and some markers along and coloring while Tai is in his session.  It’s a quiet, calm time.  Not enough of those generally speaking.

Miriam was cracking me up tonight, too.  Sweet Potato has itchy skin, and I gave her a bath tonight.  Afterwards she was nibbling her feet, then whining a bit and Miriam said, “She misses her Faster Mom (read: Foster Mom).  But she doesn’t need to be sad – she’s not going back to her Faster Mom because she’s staying with us.”   Then, just before we were going up to get ready for bed, she went searching through the kitchen to find something for her “Nighttime beast” (read: feast).  Not sure where she got this idea, but she’s convinced that it’s important to bring food to bed for middle of the night eating.  I’m going to miss her creative words.

This may be speaking too soon – but she may be weaning.  She came home from her time back East and when she tried to nurse Monday night she said the “milkies taste weird. … but I like it.”  She was with Tom on Tuesday, then last night she said there wasn’t any milkie there when she tried to nurse.  Tonight she asked to nurse, but I reminded her that there wasn’t any milk last night.  So she said, “I’ll just hold the milkies.  Hold me in your circle and sing to me.”  I put my arms around her and sang our night-time medley (Bushel and a Peck, You are my sunshine, Twinkle twinkle, rock a bye baby, eensy weensy spider, rain rain go away, ABC’s, baa baa black sheep, row row row your boat, and London Bridge) and she was asleep before I finished.  I’m pretty sure this is the first night she hasn’t nursed at all when she’s falling asleep.  On the one hand, I’m going to like having my body be my own again… but on the other, I really love nursing, and this is probably my last nursing relationship.  I will miss this particular sweetness.


Sleepy beastie